WE MAKE IT WITH CARE, YOU WEAR IT WITHOUT. VAATRA started because we are passionate about unique clothes made consciously. Finding them has taken us on a long quest: we have rejected fast fashion because we dont believe in its values, and we love vintage but have not always been lucky in coming across the clothes we were after. So we decided to take matters into our own hands. VAATRA is clothing that reflects who we are and what we stand for. From Berlin, with fun.
Made with care.  We make clothes consciously because we care about the future. At every step of our process, we strive to improve the practices of the fashion industry. That starts by selecting raw materials with low environmental impact and developing our entire production in Europe, guaranteeing fair working conditions and shorter supply chains. It also means designing and producing pieces of the highest quality - true keepers that will stay with you forever. The commitment is simple: we make clothes better, so you can buy better.

We make clothes with character for people with personalilty. We design versatile pieces that you can wear from day to night from night to day. We create modern garments with a contemporary sensibility but unique enough to become evergreen staples. We sketch strong silhouettes and striking details, and we use fun colors ans feisty patterns. We make clothes that go beyond the basics because we like to take a risk or two. And we know you do too. FROM BERLIN WITH FUN.